Teacher Wishlists Links

Many teachers at EWA have wishlists to make their classrooms awesome.  Below please find a link to the teachers who have shared their Amazon Wishlists.  These will be updated as teachers add more items and items are purchased.


Ms. Meghan O’Brien – O’Brien Wishlist

1st Grade

2nd Grade

Ms. Allyson Sutton – Sutton Wishlist

Ms. Kelsie Roper – Roper Wishlist

3rd Grade

Ms. Jennifer Blair – Blair Wishlist

Ms. Tracy Brown – Brown Wishlist

4th Grade

Ms. Amber Wise – Wise Wishlist



5th Grade

Ms. Sierra Lewter – Lewter Wishlist

Ms. Crystal Dixon – Dixon Wishlist

Ms. Katie Burk – Burk Wishlist

6th Grade

Ms. Jodi Pearson – Pearson Wishlist

Ms. Alex DeJong – DeJong Wishlist

7th Grade

8th Grade

Ms. Lisa Davis – Davis Wishlist


Art – Ms. Dana Jones – Jones Wishlist

Chemistry – Ms. Heather Futrell – Futrell Wishlist

Dance – Ms. Jillian Boelte – Boelte Wishlist

English – Ms. Jill Massey – Massey Wishlist

Spanish – Mr. Clyde Shafer – Shafer Wishlist