Purchase Order Request

Process Guidelines

  • You must be a PAL member to request an order.
  • Orders are only for classroom enhancement items.
  • PAL will place orders with the funds that are available in your PAL account.
  • Orders cannot be combined.  Each staff member must submit their own purchase order request.
  • Orders placed by the 1st of the month will be ordered by the 15th
  • Last order of the school year will be placed in April – Deadline April 1st.  Orders will not be placed in May.
  • We prefer all purchase order requests be submitted online through our website, but if you need to use a paper form, please use the most current form supplied at teacher orientation.
  • Please try to use the following vendors:  Amazon, Wal-Mart, Teach Me Store, Office Max, Lakeshore Learning and Teacher Direct.  If you have a special item that cannot be ordered through one of these vendors please let us know.
Staff Purchase Order
Please use this form to submit requests for orders to be placed by PAL.