PAL Board Nominations





EWA PAL Board Nomination Information:

Interested parties should submit completed nomination interest forms to the PAL board by April 20. All individuals wishing to participate must agree to comply with all Bylaws and policies set forth by EWA PAL and any applicable rules of EWA Administration.


Criteria for Nomination:

  • Adult parent or family member whose child(ren) attend East Wake Academy
  • Currently a PAL member
  • Understanding that Bylaws and policies will need to be read, understood and will be enforced
  • Agree to Background check
  • Available to participate in fundraising, social activities, and/or lead special committees
  • Available to participate in monthly PAL board meetings and when necessary, attend EWA Board meetings and PAL parent meetings
  • Time requirement to fulfill board responsibilities is supported and respected. Time requirement is approximately 10-15 hours per month, depending on month and activities going on at the time. The vast majority of this time requirement occurs after school hours.


Job Descriptions – Please note these are NOT complete descriptions, only a brief example of duties:


President: Compose agenda and preside over monthly meetings. Work in conjunction with PAL board members, administration and teachers to plan and conduct fundraising and events. Oversee compliance of Bylaws. Present or appoint presenter for various functions as needed. Be present at most PAL events and activities. Maintain social media and communication to parents or appoint an individual to do so.

Vice Presidents (3 total): Act as aides to president. Assist with recruitment of members. Advise, support and communicate with any standing committee’s and PAL Board. Assist in community outreach and grant research.

Secretary: Record and distribute minutes of meetings. Conduct all correspondence for the PAL Board under the direction of the President. Keep attendance at all meetings. Keep a log of approved decisions with the agenda attached. Notify all members of meetings.

Treasurer: Work closely with PAL president to maintain PAL accounts and for any supply orders. Deposit all funds collected immediately. Ensure board members have cash for events. Maintain and store records in accordance with NC Law and Records Retention requirements. Work with teachers and staff in regards to orders and reimbursements


Please complete the form below and email to or drop off completed form in nomination box in the K-4 lobby.



For the upcoming 2019-2020 school years, available board positions are:

President (Must have served as a previous Vice-President)

Vice President (3 positions)