FUN RUN: August 24, 2017

We’re excited to be hosting a East Wake Academy Fun Run for the 4th time to help us achieve our fundraising goals for the year. The East Wake Academy Fun Run is a fun, nine-day character, fitness and leadership program that combines world-class and engaging character content with a fundraising event for our school. Thank you ahead of time for your support!

Each student will be provided with a FREE custom East Wake Academy t-shirt to wear the day of the Fun Run event. This is at no cost to the student.   For this to be a success we need your help.  Please go to the link listed below and answer the questions on our survey.  You may fill out the survey more than once if you have more than 3 students.  We need to have this information by June 16, 2017.  This will allow us to order t-shirts for all of our students.

T-shirt Survey