Coloring Night

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Coloring Night

The coloring book is a major source of creativity and relaxation.   There are scientifically proven benefits of coloring, from reducing stress to stimulating the senses.

As coloring book guru Johanna Basford put it: “Some time spent with the simple task of adding color to the page and creating something beautiful really seems to appeal to people. There’s also the nostalgia factor. Chances are last time you spent an hour or so coloring in you didn’t have a mortgage and you weren’t worried about a nagging boss or the financial crisis! Coloring in seems to help people think about a time when life was simpler and more carefree.”

If you’re hungry for that youthful joy of coloring between the lines, it’s not too late.  Come join us on March 11th @ 6:00pm in Eagle Hall.  We will provide all of the coloring pages, pens, markers, crayons and snacks.

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